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Tips For Troubleshooting Washing Machine Problems

When it comes to maintaining your home, your appliances are one of the most important components. This is especially true for your washing machine and dryer because the failure of those appliances can leave you needing to struggle with laundromat trips and all sorts of changes in your schedule. The key to making things easier is to know when it's time to call for washing machine repair. Here are a few things that you should consider.

Your Washer Is Leaking

You should never see water on the floor at the base of your washing machine. If you're seeing water there, that means you have a leak. The good news is that washing machine leaks are fairly easy to troubleshoot because they typically come from one of two primary areas. 

In most cases, you'll see leaks come from the drain or fill hoses. These hoses attach to the back of the washing machine. Usually, your fill hose will attach to a spigot on the wall and then to the back of the washing machine. You'll have hot and cold lines to attach.

The drain hose attaches near the bottom of the back of the washing machine. You may see water leaks coming from any of these lines. Check the fittings on the fixtures to be sure that each fitting is tight and secure. Inspect the lines and replace any lines that may be damaged. You can even disconnect each line and secure it with plumber's tape to help stop any visible leaks.

Your Washer Is Noisy

Aside from the fill and agitation noises that you've likely gotten used to by now, your washing machine shouldn't be making any other unusual noises. If you notice unusual sounds coming from your washing machine, you need to seek repair right away. In most cases, if you're hearing noises coming during the spin cycle, that's a key indication that you're experiencing trouble from the drain pump. Whether the pump is dirty, clogged, or failing, it will need service to restore its function.

You may also have trouble with the tub alignment. This can cause knocking and rattling, especially during a spin cycle. You will need to have a technician adjust the balance of the tub and make sure that it's properly aligned.

These are two of the most common issues you might experience with a washing machine. Talk with your local washing machine or appliance repair technician today for more information.