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Why You Should Consider Adding A Gas Fireplace To Your Master Bedroom When You Renovate

If you're renovating your master bedroom, think about having a gas fireplace installed. A bedroom is the perfect room for a fireplace, and you can have one built in the wall as you're renovating. Just be sure to check local codes to see if there are regulations concerning bedroom gas fireplaces where you live. You'll probably be required to install a direct-vent fireplace for safety reasons. Here are some reasons to consider installing a fireplace in your bedroom.

You Can Turn Your HVAC Down At Night

A fireplace helps with heating your bedroom. If you don't have other rooms that you need to keep warm, you can turn your HVAC down and use the fireplace to keep you warm and cozy. Be sure to measure your bedroom's square footage so you buy the right size and type of fireplace that will warm up the room.

The Dancing Flames Relax You To Sleep

If you have difficulty falling asleep at night because your mind races, you might find watching the flames in a fireplace relaxes you so you fall asleep faster. Gas fireplaces look very realistic. The logs look real, and the flames dance and change colors. A gas fireplace looks like a traditional wood-burning version, especially when you have the fireplace built in.

A Gas Fireplace Is Easy To Use

A gas fireplace is a better choice than a wood-burning fireplace because the gas version is much easier to use. You can control the flame with a remote, turning the flames on and off by pressing a button. You don't have to stock wood or tend to a fire.

A Fireplace Sets A Romantic Mood

If you like the idea of some alone time with your spouse in a romantic setting, you won't have to go farther than your bedroom. Snuggling next to a fire and watching the dancing flames with your spouse is a relaxing way to spend time together and bond with privacy that you wouldn't have if you put the fireplace in the living room, especially if you have kids in the house.

Gas fireplaces come in many styles, so you'll find one to match the decor of your renovated bedroom. The fireplaces run on propane or natural gas, and they're easy to maintain. A fireplace is a nice addition to any room in the house, but it's an especially good match for a master bedroom. In addition to space for the fireplace and mantle if your fireplace will have one, you also need to vent a pipe to the outside of your house so the fireplace operates safely.

To learn more, contact a resource that carries gas fireplaces.