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Benefits and Features of Smart Washers

If you have a busy lifestyle, then you may enjoy the convenience of a smart washing machine. While you can do your laundry perfectly fine with a standard machine, smart washers have added benefits. Laundry is often a tedious chore to begin with — especially if you don't have a lot of time to plan it out. Smart washers may take off some of the pressure.

Here is more information about the different features and conveniences of smart washers and how they can make life easier.

What Are Smart Washers?

Smart appliances, including washers, connect to your home's wi-fi network. You usually control the appliance with an app on your smartphone or tablet. Some models may also let you use a PC or laptop as a control site. You can connect many machines to your smart speakers. The apps allow you to set laundry times, control the machine, and see your wash's progress.

What Features Do Smart Washers Have?

Different manufacturers have washers with different features. However, below is a list of their most common offerings.

Automatic Detergent Dosing

Many smart washers allow you to fill up a detergent reservoir ahead of time. With each load, the washer uses a pre-set amount of detergent. You don't have to measure out detergent every time you wash. This means you may end up saving money on laundry detergent with this accurate dosing.

Automatic Start Times

You can load up your laundry and have it start at a more convenient time, such as when electricity rates are lower. You can set it to start while you are at work or asleep, for example. If you are worried about your clothing having a musty smell, some washers occasionally rotate the clothes to reduce mildew.

Remote Control

Smart appliances such as washers let you control the machine even if you are not at home. You can start or stop your wash with your app. The app also allows you to check the status of your wash.

Add Forgotten Items

It can be frustrating when you start a whole load of laundry and then find an item you need to add, but the washer door is locked. Some smart washers allow you to stop the machine and add extra items.

If you are in the market for a new washer, you may want one with the latest technology. Even if you don't need every feature, you can enjoy the convenience of this appliance. Give an appliance salesperson a call or visit an appliance website for more information about smart washers.