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Six Mistakes To Avoid When Looking For Case Parts For Your Refrigeration Equipment

If your commercial operation relies on the use of refrigeration equipment, you'll need to purchase new parts at some point to keep your refrigeration equipment in working order.

You don't want to make mistakes when purchasing parts that could detract from the efficiency, productivity, and cost-effectiveness of your operation. The following are six mistakes to avoid when looking for case parts for your refrigeration equipment. 

Purchasing aftermarket rather than OEM parts

If you want the highest quality parts for your company's refrigeration equipment, you should purchase aftermarket parts. In many cases, OEM parts are lower in quality and won't function as reliably as aftermarket parts. 

Being unaware of warranty details for your equipment

When you're purchasing a particularly large or valuable part, it's a good idea to make sure that the part comes along with some warranty coverage.

Make sure that you discuss available warranty options with your refrigeration equipment supplier. Buying parts that come along with warranty coverage can minimize your parts expenses over the long term and give you peace of mind that the refrigeration parts you're buying will last a long time. 

Waiting until the last minute to purchase a needed part

Missing essential parts for your refrigeration equipment could make it difficult to continue normal operations at your company. You should plan your parts purchases in advance to avoid downtime and reduced profits because of delays. 

Neglecting to invest in efficiency

If you find parts available with added efficiency features, you should consider the energy savings they could offer to your company.

Refrigeration equipment can be a significant consumer of energy at your facilities, so improving efficiency with more efficient parts could cut down significantly on your overhead expenses. 

Accidentally buying the wrong part

You should be able to look up the part you need by model number. Purchasing the wrong part can create added costs as well as delays for you since you may have to cover shipping costs to send the part back.

Know the part number and double-check it before purchase to make sure that you don't accidentally buy the wrong part. 

Being unaware of shipping costs when you make your purchase

Parts for refrigeration equipment can be heavy and bulky. This can make the shipping costs for receiving them expensive. That's why it's important to factor shipping costs into any decision of whether you want to purchase a part from a particular supplier.