The Art of Buying an Appliance

3 Benefits Of Buying Scratch And Dent Appliances Instead Of New Or Used Appliances

If you want to buy household appliances, you can choose brand new, used, or scratch and dent appliances.

Scratch and dent appliances are new appliances that have incurred minor dents or scratches while on the assembly line. Nonetheless, scratch and dent appliances are in perfect functional condition despite their blemishes. 

Most people usually go for brand new or used appliances. However, buying scratch and dent appliances can provide various benefits you might not get from new or used appliances. Hence, if you are shopping for appliances, here are three reasons to buy scratch and dent appliances instead of new or used appliances. 

1. Save Money

If you are buying appliances on a tight budget, you might opt for used appliances because they are more affordable than new ones. However, appliance stores sell scratch and dent appliances at subsidized prices. 

Due to the blemishes (scratches and dings) on scratch and dent appliances, appliance stores can't sell them at the normal rates of new appliances. As a result, scratch and dent appliances usually go for much less than new appliances. In most cases, you can get a scratch and dent appliance for 40% to 60% less than the cost of a new appliance. 

Thus, buying scratch and dent appliances can help you save money. Besides, you might come to realize that most scratch and dent appliances cost less than slightly used appliances. 

2. Avoid the Issues of a Used Appliance 

Buying used appliances saves you money. However, most used appliances come with various issues. For instance, a used appliance may have faulty components that lead to poor functionality. Thus, buying a used appliance comes with the risk of the appliance requiring various repairs after you buy it. 

But, scratch and dent appliances are brand new. Thus, despite the aesthetic defects, scratch and dent appliances function like new appliances. Hence, buying scratch and dent appliances ensures you will not encounter any functional issues that warrant repairs. 

Besides, why would you opt for a used appliance with the potential to malfunction when you can get a new scratch and dent appliance for the same price? 

3. Get a Warranty 

One of the main disadvantages of buying used appliances is that you won't get a manufacturer's warranty. As a result, if you buy a faulty second-hand appliance, the manufacturer is not obligated to cater for its repairs. 

But because scratch and dent appliances are fresh from the assembly line, they come with a manufacturer's warranty. Hence, if your scratch and dent appliance malfunctions after buying it, the manufacturer can either repair or replace it for you.  

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