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Details To Consider When You Shop For A Tailgating Barbecue

For football fans, the arrival of fall brings the excitement of attending games in person with friends. While the games themselves are fun, tailgating for a few hours before the sporting event begins can dramatically improve your enjoyment of the day. If you're just starting to get into tailgating, one of the main purchases that you'll want to make is a barbecue. This isn't a job for the large barbecue that you have at home. Instead, you'll want a smaller unit that is a lot more portable. Here are some details for you to think about when you shop for tailgating barbecue equipment.

Grill Capacity

When you look at barbecues that are marketed for tailgating, you'll often see information about their grill capacity. This information varies between models and is important to consider. For example, you may see a barbecue that states it can hold eight hamburger patties or six hamburger patties and eight hot dogs. Think about the group that you'll be with when you tailgate, as this number will impact how much food you'll need to make. The more that your grill can hold at a given time, the faster you'll be able to cook food for your group.


You should also consider the height of the different tailgating barbecues you're checking out. The height can vary significantly between models. Often, a taller model is better because you won't have to bend over as much as you tend to the food. Whether you're planning to set the barbecue on the tailgate of your truck, a folding table, or even on the ground, a taller unit will be easier for you to manage. Many tailgating barbecues have folding legs that keep the unit compact during travel but add height when you set it up.


It's also a good idea to check the weight of any tailgating barbecue you're thinking about buying. You'll find yourself carrying this barbecue a lot during the football season. For example, you'll carry it between your garage and vehicle before and after each football game, and you may also take it with you on camping trips, picnics, and other family outings. Try to find a barbecue that isn't the lightest on the market, but that also isn't the heaviest. A unit that is too light may not offer the durability that you want, so something that is heavier — but not so heavy that it's difficult to manage — will be best. Look for the right tailgating barbecue at a local barbecue equipment store.