The Art of Buying an Appliance

The Art of Buying an Appliance

Six Mistakes To Avoid When Looking For Case Parts For Your Refrigeration Equipment

If your commercial operation relies on the use of refrigeration equipment, you'll need to purchase new parts at some point to keep your refrigeration equipment in working order. You don't want to make mistakes when purchasing parts that could detract from the efficiency, productivity, and cost-effectiveness of your operation. The following are six mistakes to avoid wh

Benefits and Features of Smart Washers

If you have a busy lifestyle, then you may enjoy the convenience of a smart washing machine. While you can do your laundry perfectly fine with a standard machine, smart washers have added benefits. Laundry is often a tedious chore to begin with — especially if you don't have a lot of time to plan it out. Smart washers may take off some of the pressure. Here is more in

Why You Should Consider Adding A Gas Fireplace To Your Master Bedroom When You Renovate

If you're renovating your master bedroom, think about having a gas fireplace installed. A bedroom is the perfect room for a fireplace, and you can have one built in the wall as you're renovating. Just be sure to check local codes to see if there are regulations concerning bedroom gas fireplaces where you live. You'll probably be required to install a direct-vent firep

Need To Replace An Appliance? Why AScratch-And-Dent Appliance Is The Way To Go

You never know when one of your appliances will go out. The refrigerator might begin to hum a little louder than usual or fail to keep your vegetables as cold as they should be. Or, you might find yourself having to run three or more cycles in the dryer just to get your clothes to come out without being wet. When these types of situations occur, you realize it's time

Reasons To Have Your Appliances Repaired At The Same Place You Bought Them

If you buy your appliances from an appliance sales store, you're often able to locate a repair specialist on-site for when your appliances fail to operate as they should. While you have the liberty of hiring whoever you want to fix your appliances and some specialists choose certain types of repair — such as furnace repair or washing machine and dryer repair — to focu